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Welcome to the VSSL Salvage ShopWelcome to the VSSL Salvage Shop

For seafarers who want to own 100% authenticated, true pieces of history

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What the hell is this place?

As seafarers, the VSSL crew has sailed the globe to salvage the best loot, and we are giving you the opportunity to get in on the booty. Bottle openers from a small shipwreck off the coast of Panama, masks used by marauders in the 17th century, and whiskey glasses taken straight from the Captain’s Quarters. Just don't ask how we recovered it all.

Give Me The Loot

Our favorite loot

Messages in a Bottle

"As a history buff, I love having a historical artifact like The VSSL Key to open my beer—I won't open one without it! Ok, that's a lie...I still will."

Usain Boat

"Pillaged all my mates' money playing five card draw with the Deckhouse Cards. I didn't even know how to play before this. Thanks VSSL!"

Isla Shore

“Hey wait a second. Are those my whiskey glasses? They’ve been missing for centuries! I could have sworn I left them in the captain’s quarters…”

Captain Seadog